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Our core business is steel trading and distribution.

By acting as an intermediary, we give steel suppliers an easy way to market their products and secure customers right across the globe. And we give purchasers the expertise and support to find exactly the right quantity and grade of steel to suit their needs.


Our global presence and expertise allow us to connect customers with a huge range of suppliers, and to ensure they find the products to suit their exact needs. Suppliers rely on this ability too, as a way of putting them in touch with customers who would otherwise be out of reach.

We handle the complete range of steel products including all long, flat and tubular products of carbon, stainless and engineering steels as well as semi-finished products. Our customers range from intermediate steel mills, stockholders and steel processors to manufacturers of specialist steel products for the oil and gas, automotive and consumer goods industries.

As well as making complex transactions easy, we also offer a range of added value services, including offtake arrangements, various forms of credit, the use of derivatives for price risk management, shipping, inspection, breaking bulk at port, clearing goods through customs, handling complex VAT regulations and organising inland transport, consignment programs and intermediate stocking.


We don’t just connect producers with customers; we connect them with raw materials as well. We supply a range of raw materials vital to the steel production process, including scrap, iron ore, pig iron, HBI/DRI, coal, coke and ferroalloys.


In order to make complex steel transactions easy for both suppliers and buyers, it’s essential to ensure the quick, efficient and reliable transportation of goods. That’s why we have shipping hubs in London, New York and Singapore.

Their services include safe handling, loading, shipping, breaking bulk, storage, insurance, inspection and inland distribution.


The price of steel is very volatile. To help clients deal with this, our Price Risk Management team uses a range of tools to reduce exposure to fluctuations.

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